• About Lyndon Academy
    Lyndon Academy is a private international school that strives to help each child build successful leadership qualities in a child-focused caring community of learners.

Vision of the Future

The Future Lyndon Student

Do you want your children to have the world at Lyndon Academy - Vision of the Futuretheir fingertips? Imagine being 23 years old. Now imagine that you can speak four languages fluently, you were the Student Council Vice President, you earned two letters in varsity, you are proficient on the piano, technology is your fifth language, you spent one year in China studying international business, and you just graduated with a double major from MIT on scholarship. Imagine what you can do now. The possibilities are infinite with this well-established international college prep program.

This might seem dreamy to you, considering that our oldest students will only be going into 8th grade, but this is exactly where Lyndon students are headed. They are studying three languages daily. They are active community members, athletes, club members, young musicians, visual artists, and performing artists already. They are within the top 10 percent in the nation on nationally standardized tests.

What are colleges and universities looking for? Academically sound and well rounded students. It’s not the 4.0 that matters. The lack of state or federal standards on report card grades almost makes a grade point average meaningless to a college admissions advisor. It’s the SAT score, ACT scores, the ability to problem solve, and the ability to communicate in multiple languages. It’s about being a team player, a leader and a good citizen.

Growth and Development

In the last six years, Lyndon has added a grade each year. Next year the inaugural class will move on to 8th grade. This method of growth provides a high level of quality control and a smooth implementation process. The curriculum already exists for each grade through 12th grade, and classroom space exists for further growth.

The administration and the parents of the inaugural class work together annually to meet the coming demands of the upper school students. It is important to provide an environment that encourages the development of the whole person as we move forward. Academics, athletics, extra-curricular activities, and student life are extremely important. Each year programs are added and enhanced to facilitate the end goal and the demands of the future student.

We welcome you to talk to our parents about our future plans and their experiences thus far as their children move closer and closer to upper school.

Building Campaign

You may have heard that there is no capital campaign or building fund, and that is correct. Lyndon adds facilities and programs as enrollment demands it. In the last five years, Lyndon has experienced an average of 33% growth. With that growth Lyndon moved out of its temporary facility on Highway 92, and built phase one of a new campus. Lyndon Academy is currently planning Phase II.

For more detailed information on growth and expansion plans please contact the school.

Schedule a Tour

Take a tour of our campus and get a feel for “life at Lyndon”. Call to schedule your visit, then spend about an hour here learning what gives Lyndon Academy the edge in education!

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