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Our most Asked question

How will my child be assessed?

Our school year is divided into four 9-week quarters. Students receive mid-term progress reports and report cards every nine weeks. A Stanford Achievement Test is administered to students in kindergarten and up every spring to determine how our students are performing in comparison to others around the country.

What type of teachers work at Lyndon?

Our faculty is a combination of experienced teachers from both the public and private sectors. Minimum requirements to teach at Lyndon are a Bachelor's Degree and a valid state certification in education. Our teachers love children, are knowledgeable in their content areas, and are spirited people.

What ability level student is successful in your school?

Lyndon Academy is designed to meet the needs of average to above average students.

How will my child be assessed?

Our school year is divided into four 9-week quarters. Students receive mid-term progress reports and report cards every nine weeks. A Stanford Achievement Test is administered to students in kindergarten and up every spring to determine how our students are performing in comparison to others around the country.

Are you going to have a high school?

In the last five years, Lyndon Academy has added a grade, and the school will continue to do so through 12th grade. The curriculum already exists for each grade through grade twelve. Classroom space exists for further growth, and the students exist already as well. The only missing components are new text books, new teachers, and new classroom equipment. 9th grade will begin in the fall of 2015!

How accessible are your teachers and administrators?

Our goal is to solve problems quickly. Teachers are available via telephone, email and in person. There are three formal parent conferences each year. We have an open door policy for parents.

Why would I pay for private Pre-K?

There is something to be said about a Lyndon Junior Kindergartner that sets them apart from other Pre-K students. Those who complete the Lyndon experience demonstrate a great deal of maturity. Academically, they are well rounded. They are reading and writing in two languages, adding and subtracting numbers, understanding their role as a citizen, and understanding the world around them. Lyndon Academy Junior Kindergarten students have a decided advantage when entering Kindergarten.

Where are you located?

Lyndon Academy, a metro Atlanta area private school, is located in the northwest sector of Georgia or southern Cherokee County, approximately 17 miles north of Atlanta proper (285 perimeter), just off I-575 (Exit 11 -Sixes Rd.). Alpharetta, Milton, Canton, Acworth, Kennesaw, and Roswell are within a 10-mile radius of the school. The physical address is 485 Toonigh Rd, Woodstock, GA 30188.

Do you follow the state of Georgia's September 1 cutoff?

The state has selected this date for a good reason. However, we believe that emotional development and academic performance are more accurate indicators of potential success. Proper screening of children allows Lyndon Academy to determine whether a child is truly ready.

Are you accredited?

Lyndon Academy is accredited by AdvancEd (formally known as The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement - SACS-CASI, which is a prestigious regional accreditation. They are the largest accrediting body in the country with a global reach.

What foreign languages are offered? Why?

Lyndon Academy offers daily language instruction in Mandarin Chinese and Spanish as part of its core curriculum. The foreign language programs prepare students for the international or global market that they will enter, and more importantly it strengthens their critical thinking and problem solving skills. The critical thinking, problem solving skills and other benefits are at the heart of this instruction. However, functionality also played a large roll in the decision to deliver Spanish and Mandarin daily. With the exception of English and math these two languages are the most widely used in our global society. At Lyndon Academy junior kindergarten or pre-k level students receive daily Spanish instruction. Kindergarten students are introduced to a third language, Mandarin, which is the Chinese government's official language and a language spoken by over 5 billion people on the planet. First grade students and beyond receive daily instruction in both foreign languages. Students will continue to study three languages through the 5th grade. More languages will be offered in middle school and high school providing students with the opportunity to master four languages or more before they graduate.

What subjects do you consider your core curriculum?

Reading (English, Mandarin & Spanish), Language Arts (English, Mandarin & Spanish), Math, Science, and Social Studies are the core curriculum of the school. The core curriculum is enhanced with a variety of extra courses including art, music, physical education, technology, and research skills.

What is your philosophy on parental involvement?

Parents are an important part of Lyndon's "community of learners." At Lyndon there are many opportunities to get involved. The school has an open door policy for parents.

What is your philosophy about teaching religion?

At Lyndon Academy, we teach about religion around the world. We teach awareness, and we teach our students to acknowledge and respect others' beliefs. We embrace and teach many common values of religion. We believe in the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would wish done to you. We want our students to show compassion and understanding for others and be tolerant and patient of others. Above all we want them to be fair, impartial, honest, and ethical in their future endeavors.

What is your philosophy in teaching reading?

We believe that reading should be taught using a combination of whole language and phonics. Children need to have a strong foundation of skills along with understanding what they are reading.

What is your homework philosophy?

We believe in a balanced approach to homework. Homework is important in order to reinforce skills taught during the day; students are expected to study for tests and quizzes and work on projects. At the same time we want our students to have time to participate in after school activities and just be kids.

What is your discipline philosophy?

Lyndon Academy believes in a positive approach to discipline and at the same time holds students accountable for their actions. Character education is an integral part of our program every day at Lyndon. It promotes a positive learning environment at the school.

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