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Lyndon Academy College Preparation

Lyndon Academy was built to help students exceed academic expectations. Also, we aim to assist them in getting into the colleges and universities that they dream of attending. Embedded in every student’s daily schedule, beginning in junior kindergarten, are learning experiences that will better prepare them for college and beyond. The resources used and the lessons that are taught in all disciplines enable to students to perform better on college entrance exams, perform better in college, and perform better long after college. Our language arts programs provide strength in reading comprehension, writing, and speaking. Our math, science, and social science programs are riddled with SAT & ACT preparation. We offer the opportunity for students to take Advanced Placement courses, dual enrollment classes, and even graduate early, if they choose.

Language Arts

At Lyndon Academy, language arts are incredibly important when it comes to developing vocabulary and critical and higher order thinking. Students at Lyndon will stand apart from the rest and be better prepared for those college entrance exams. We chose to teach students the three most functional languages on the planet which consist of English, Spanish and Mandarin. Students learn to speak, read, write, and communicate in all three languages. We start in junior kindergarten where students study in both English and Spanish daily. Mandarin is added as a third language in first grade. At Lyndon Academy, we want students to be successful and be prepared for the future world economy and being multi-lingual is one additional advantage besides excellence in academics.

Five more reasons why we teach foreign languages at Lyndon Academy:

  1. Easier to learn a foreign language at a young age
  2. Why not learn about different cultures and create a desire for diversity
  3. Improves cognitive learning: attention, long/short-term memory, reasoning, auditory and visual processing, and how a student interprets and reacts to a task
  4. Builds confidence in youth
  5. Prepared for tomorrow’s economy and adds two more bullet points on the resume

SAT & ACT Preparation: At Lyndon Academy, we teach above and beyond the test, while embedding college entrance exam preparation in the curriculum, resources, and testing at Lyndon throughout all grade levels. We subscribe to resources that align with tests that students will be taking in English, math, science, and the social sciences. The repeated exposure to these resources combined with the language arts instruction plays a large role in our above average local and national SAT & ACT scores.

At Lyndon Academy, we begin measuring how our students compare to others in the United States in third grade by utilizing the ACT Aspire. We want to make sure we are providing a level of education that distinguishes our students. We are able to customize and monitor each student’s success. The tests vary based upon education level. Third through eighth grade students annually take the ACT Aspire, and in eighth grade students begin taking the PSAT. They typically take the ACT and SAT more than once. Lyndon Academy is proud that our students on average have outperformed at least 90% of the students who have taken the respective tests, and 100% of our students are accepted into college.

Three-year Plan: Students who have the advantage of starting early are in a unique position. The rigor and the design of the language arts programs allows students to walk into ninth grade with up to nine high school credits. They have the opportunity to fast-track through our upper school. If they are mature enough and feel compelled to go on to college after three years of high school, they can do it. Parents can reinvest that otherwise fourth year of high school into college and save a little.

Dual Enrollment & AP Opportunities: Students who started early at Lyndon Academy, not only have a three-year graduation plan available to them, but they also have dual enrollment and AP course opportunities. Just another way for parents to save. Because of these options, we have alumni that have transitioned into college and been classified as sophomores and juniors and earning bachelor’s degrees within two or three years on campus.

Taking advanced placement (AP) classes in high school can help you earn college credit alongside your diploma and lead to tuition savings as an undergraduate. AP classes prepare learners to take tests on college-level knowledge in (24) subjects. Students who receive passing scores on these tests can earn college credit. November 8, 2022,

Please note: AP Course credits may or may not be accepted by the college a student applies to. Therefore, in some cases dual enrollment may be the better option to secure college credit.

At Lyndon, we offer up to twenty-four Advanced Placement courses. They are offered based on demand. If we cannot offer a course on campus, we provide virtual options for students. We have an abundance of dual enrollment opportunities for our students. We partner with Chattahoochee Technical College, Georgia Military College, Georgia Institute of Technology, Kennesaw State University, and Kennesaw State University’s Honors program.

Advanced Placement (AP) Course: (Full Year Courses)

38+ Advanced Placement (AP) Courses

  • AP 2-D Art and Design

  • AP 3-D Art and Design

  • AP Drawing

  • AP Art History

  • AP Music Theory

  • AP English Language and Composition

  • AP Comparative Government and Politics

  • AP European History

  • AP Human Geography

  • AP Microeconomics

  • AP Psychology

  • AP United States Government and Politics

  • AP United States History

  • AP World History: Modern

  • AP PreCalculus

  • AP Computer Science A

  • AP Computer Science Principles

  • AP Calculus AB

  • AP Calculus BC

  • AP Statistics

  • AP Biology

  • AP Chemistry

  • AP Environmental Science

  • AP Physics 1: Algebra-based

  • AP Physics 2: Algebra-based

  • AP Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism

  • AP Physics C: Mechanics

  • AP Research

  • AP Seminar

  • AP Chinese Language and Culture

  • AP French Language and Culture

  • AP German Language and Culture

  • AP Italian Language and Culture

  • AP Japanese Language and Culture

  • AP Latin

  • AP Spanish Language and Culture

  • AP Spanish Literature and Culture

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At Lyndon Academy we believe immersion is the best way to learn. And that holds true if you are considering joining the Lyndon Academy family. That is why we offer tours that allow you to see our students and faculty in action. We want you to immerse yourself in the Lyndon way so that you might get a small taste of the amazing experiences that happen within our walls.

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