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Standards of Education & Curriculum

Lyndon Academy is a recognized accredited college preparatory institution. The standards of education merge best practices of private schools and curriculum resources, as well as follow two leaders in college placement, New York and Massachusetts. At Lyndon Academy, we seek to provide an even higher level of education. We established our own standards in the foreign language arena, and we matched national standards in the arts as well as in Advanced Placement courses. And that is not all. We provide our teachers with hands-on learning resources, software applications, technological devices, textbooks, novels, workbooks, labs, and field experiences. Utilizing these resources, our teachers have created a curriculum that will exceed the standards of education offered elsewhere.

Lyndon Academy curriculum goes beyond STEM and seeks to educate the whole child to better prepare them for later success. There is an abundance of resources used to engage our students in an amazing learning environment and provide the best curriculum possible. The foundation for college entrance exams is laid out beginning in junior kindergarten. Embedded in the language arts, math, science, and history lessons across al grades are measures that build on critical thinking, vocabulary, reading comprehension, writing skills, math aptitude, and environmental acuity that have led our students to well above average college entrance exam scores.

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College Prep

Lyndon's Three-Year Plan

Students who have the advantage of starting early are in a unique position. The rigor and the design of the language arts programs allows students to walk into ninth grade with up to nine high school credits. They have the opportunity to fast-track through our upper school. If they are mature enough and feel compelled to go on to college after three years of high school, they can do it. Parents can reinvest that otherwise forth year of high school into college and save a little.


At Lyndon Academy, we provide an innovative and personalized learning experience. Our goal is to equip our students with the knowledge and skills they need to be successful in college and beyond. Our unique three-year plan provides students with the opportunity to graduate high school in three years while still receiving a quality education and a well-rounded experience.

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