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Welcome to Lyndon Academy

Welcome! We're delighted you're considering Lyndon Academy for your family. Right from the start, you and your child will feel the sense of community and dedication to learning that makes us, first and foremost, a family. The Lyndon Family is focused on the future of all the children who attend.

At Lyndon Academy, our caring administrative staff will guide you through our simple application process, and help make this exciting transition into our college preparatory program as worry-free as possible. 

We understand that selecting the right school is an important decision and invite you to personally see what the Lyndon Academy experience is all about. Schedule a tour to meet our dedicated and passionate faculty, students, and staff, and see what makes our school unique.

Tuition & Financial Assistance

Tuition at Lyndon Academy is dependent on the grade level and the chosen tuition payment plan. Lyndon Academy is committed to educating and graduating students from a wide range of backgrounds. We strive to give every child the best educational opportunities without causing a financial burden. More than $750,000.00 is awarded annually to families with demonstrated needs.

Financial Assistance Information

Each student is eligible for up to $11,250.00 in academic scholarship and financial aid annually. We are able to accept some IEP students, and their tuition will be discounted with state funding. Therefore, payment obligations from the immediate household may be lower than the stated tuition rate. Financial aid is awarded through a confidential and thorough analysis of a family's financial aid application. 

Note that you will need to submit a financial aid form along with your most recent tax returns to the financial department to determine how much aid you are eligible for. Lyndon Academy financial aid is a secondary source of financial assistance when nothing else is available. Other sources of funding are primary and may replace some or all of the Lyndon Academy aid. 




Admissions Process

Step 1

Explore Lyndon

We invite you to explore our campus and get to know our community while getting a better look at what we have to offer.

Lyndon Academy Hallway.jpg

Step 3

Attend Your Visitation Day

Come get a realistic view of a normal day at Lyndon as your student ambassador shows you what it is like to be a Terrier.

Lyndon Academy Middle School 2023.jpeg

Step 2

Submit An Application

Whether you print an application or fill one out online, we are here to help you every step of the way.

Lyndon Academy Lower School 2023.jpeg

Step 4

Become A Student

The Admissions Committee will consider all applicants at its earliest convenience. Acceptance Letters will be sent out shortly after your visitation/screening.

Lyndon Academy Celebration.jpg

Visitation Day

We believe that the only way to truly experience Lyndon Academy is first-hand. That is why we invite all Jr.K through 5th grade applicants to come and spend some time with us. Each visitor is assigned a student ambassador for the day that will be with them every step of the way. This ambassador often becomes their first friend at Lyndon Academy, ready to welcome them back when they start school.


On the day of your visitation, if you have not already submitted and paid the application fee, please submit your admissions application and pay the application fee here.

Lyndon Academy First Grade Chattahoochee Nature Center Field Trip

Talk to your son or daughter before arriving at Lyndon, making sure he or she is:

  1. Prepared for their visitation day.

  2. Ready to check in at the front office and meet their ambassador before going to class.

  3. Provided a healthy lunch.

  4. Aware the placement/assessment test or screening is not a cause for anxiety; and

  5. Ready to have a fun day at Lyndon Academy!

Upon arrival at the front office, your child will be greeted by administrators of the school and their own Student Ambassador. Your child may wonder "What is a Student Ambassador?" Ambassadors are student peers that provide a friendly and welcoming face to our visitors. They will spend the entire day right next to your child. 

Our students feel honored when they are selected to spend the day with your child.

International Students

Lyndon Academy is interested in attracting international students who have a high aptitude for learning and a strong desire to advance themselves into a top-tier college or university. As an AdvancEd accredited school with I-20 student VISA status, we can assist foreign non-immigrant students in achieving their dreams.

Our partnership with the International University Alliance further assists international students into becoming successful global citizens. IUA participating universities partner with high-caliber secondary schools, like Lyndon Academy, to create connections that bring value to students, to faculty, and to their own educational communities.


Lyndon Academy provides an exceptional education to students from around the world. Our international students benefit from access to a network of the best U.S. universities, expedited and streamlined application processes, as well as visa support and on campus assistance for foreign students. Additionally, qualified students are given the opportunity for transferable credit and advanced standing. We are dedicated to providing our international students with the best education possible and the resources to achieve long-term success.

Room and board are available for students without guardians in the U.S. We offer students opportunities to live with Host Families within the Lyndon Academy community. Host Families are existing Lyndon families and extensions of Lyndon Academy families that have been screened and checked out by StudentRoomStay.

Lyndon Academy Olympic Day Upper School 2023
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