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Life at Lyndon Academy

Opportunities aren't limited to the classroom. School is more than just pencils and books at Lyndon Academy. The Lyndon student is invited to engage in dynamic roster of campus activities that extend beyond the typical school day. Whether students want to pursue  student government, journalism, or golf, the opportunities allow them to grow and shine.

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Lyndon Academy After School 2022

Before & After School Care

Lyndon Academy offers before and after-school solutions for busy parents. If you need assistance between the hours of 7:00AM and 5:30PM, then we can help. At Lyndon, students are welcome to join us, have a small breakfast snack and prepare for their day ahead as early as 7:00AM. Students are also welcome to stay after-school at Lyndon for after-school enrichment care until 5:30PM.

We invite students to take advantage of our staff directed after-school program where students can complete homework, play games and enjoy an after-school snack daily. We offer a daily rate for before and after-school care and discounted package rates. You may use the days at your discretion and recharge as needed. Unused days do not roll over into the next scholastic year.

Lyndon Academy Middle School

Electives & Extra-curricular Activities

We offer a wide variety of both extra-curricular activities and over 75 electives courses. The depth and variety of activities allow students to explore career paths and expand their minds beyond the core requirements for graduation.

On campus opportunities are not limited to art, music, business, foreign language, and driver’s education classes. Students not only meet graduation requirements, but they can also seek out programs of interest, build a better resume, and prepare for college.

Beginning in kindergarten and continuing through 5th grade, students have a number of opportunities in after-school programs. These opportunities are not limited to junior cheer, soccer, chess, cross country, choir, band, and development clinics.

Starting in middle school and continuing through high school, students begin to participate in student government, get nominated for societies, participate in yearbook, play competitive sports, perform on stage, compete in robotic and math contests, and join clubs. The average student is participating in five activities or more at Lyndon Academy, which is unusual. However, students have the advantage of experiencing so much because we are small.

Lyndon Academy Cherokee County Sheriff Office

Community Service

Community Service and the philosophy of paying it forward are taught in the lower grades. However, in the upper grades it is a graduation requirement. At Lyndon Academy, we ask our high school students to give 60 hours of community service prior to graduation.


Why? This is what good leaders do. They help make a better and stronger community. Students learn to appreciate helping others without the expectation of a repayment, and they find compassion, sympathy, empathy, and environmental awareness for others and their surroundings. Colleges have much larger networks and impact on local communities, and they want to invite students into their institutions that will embrace these ideals. Whether it is raising money for a charity, participating in a food drive, or picking up trash along the shores of our reservoir, students have multiple experiences in helping others.


Students may find their own cause to support to achieve credit or they may utilize some or all the paths of charity work that Lyndon Academy supports. We choose to support personnel that serve to protect and care for us and organizations that help youth in need. We provide support to nearly a dozen different organizations annually.



Some of the organizations that we support are as follows:

  • Anna Crawford Children's Center

  • Camp Invention

  • Cherokee County Fire Department

  • Cherokee County Sheriff's Office

  • Various Food Drives

  • Friends of Holly Springs Police Foundation

  • Goshen Valley Boys Ranch

  • Holly Springs Shop with a Hero

  • MUST Ministries

  • Northside Children's Hospital

  • The Salvation Army

Electives & Community Servic

Field Trips

Field trips are an important part of educating the whole student at Lyndon Academy. We feel strongly about expanding the classroom and exposing children to experiences that they cannot encounter on campus. Beginning in kindergarten students visit locations that take them behind the scenes to deliver curriculum enhancing experiences that normal tourists would not always be privy to. Programs vary depending on the grade and course of study.

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