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Life at Lyndon Academy

Opportunities aren’t limited to the classroom. School is more than just pencils and books at Lyndon Academy. The Lyndon student is invited to engage in dynamic roster of campus activities that extend beyond the typical school day. Whether students want to pursue student government, journalism, or golf the opportunities are allowed them to grow and shine.

2021-2022 School Calendar

2020-2021 School Calendar

Co-Curricular and Extra-Curricular Activities*

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Musical Arts

Join Lyndon Academy’s Band where young Terriers learn the fundamentals of the art of music. Students will enhance their musical abilities through a hands-on approach. Participants will have the ability to try and test many instruments while learning how important each instrument is in the final productions of a band performance.

Students will continue to enhance their musical abilities through a hands-on approach. Participants will have the ability to try and test many instruments while learning how important each instrument is in the final productions of a band performance.

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Performance Arts

Explore acting, singing, and movement by participating in a new play or musical each semester and learn and perform with our Middle School Drama Club.

• Auditions for roles will take place within the first couple of weeks of each semester

• At least 2 outside, after-school rehearsals will take place close to show time

• First Semester Performance date TBD.

• Second Semester Performance date TBD.

This is an elite group of A cappella vocal singers. All voice parts (soprano, alto, tenor, bass, and beatboxers) are welcome to audition. Noteworthy participants will serve as the top- performing representatives of Lyndon Academy’s music program. They will perform a variety of genres from classical to pop. Noteworthy will take part in many events within and beyond school walls—this includes singing Christmas carols for the community, performing at Lyndon Academy’s concerts, singing the National Anthem at a variety of sporting events, and participating in a cappella competitions. Audition requirements include sight-singing, exhibiting basic music theory knowledge, pitch identification, and a prepared pop song of your choosing

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Art & Chess

Lyndon Academy’s Art Enrichment course is a rigorous, hands-on class, where the student will explore different styles and types of art. The student will be pushed to think differently about how they create and deliver their final pieces. Mrs. Metlick will encourage the student to dig deep into a true understanding of creativity and to learn to enjoy the use of different mediums. Students will use all of the mediums used in the weekly Art Class as well as additional ones. This course is designed for the student that truly has a passion for art.

Challenge your mind with Chess! The game of Chess allows students to participate in thought-provoking games, while also learning and developing the knowledge of the game. Chess teaches students to use their minds to strategically advance over their opponents and reinforces their development in critical thinking abilities. Students will compete intra-scholastically and interscholastically.

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You will assist with the Lower School lunch periods. Assistants are selected by the Lyndon administration.

No one is too old for recess! You will assist with the indoor and outdoor recess periods. You will play games and be a “big brother” or “big sister” to our Lower School students. You will help check in/out playground equipment. Assistants are selected by the Lyndon faculty and administration.

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Do you love science? Do you like to figure out how things work? If you do, you will love Science Olympiad! You will learn about all different topics in Earth, Life, and Physical Science while solving problems and working as a team. We will work together all year on different science and team building activities in preparation for regional competitions that may lead to state competitions.

The ITC course at Lyndon Academy will be offered in a “face to face” delivery model based upon the ISTE NETs Standards for Students. Students will gain technology skills in the areas of: creativity, innovation, communication, collaboration, critical thinking, problem solving, decision making, technology operations, concepts, research, information fluency, and digital citizenship.

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Students are able to have an additional opportunity to study during this time. This is in addition to the daily scheduled enrichment period.

This course is designed to help students organize themselves and strengthen their ability to study, learn, and retain information in a manner that most aptly fits their learning style. Students will discover their learning style, learn how to use time effectively, learn listening skills, and learn tips for taking better notes.

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Global Impact

This course is a survey of military history. The course will study the interrelationships of warfare, technology and society in American history.

Model United Nations is a club that specializes in current world issues through interactive simulations and curricular materials. Model UN allows students to step into the shoes of UN Ambassadors and debate a range of issues on the UN agenda. Participants will develop critical thinking skills, conflict resolution, and communication skills that will allow them to build and solve real-life problems. Join Lyndon Academy’s Model UN Program and gain valuable insight into the growing influence of globalization.

Since Thomas Edison patented America’s first motion picture camera in 1891, telling America’s history through film has become a large part of our culture. For many people watching a Hollywood film on America is their only way of getting to know her history (no matter how accurate the film). The films we will be watching for this class are Hollywood films rather than documentaries, so they are reenactments of historical events not a documentary record of events. The goal of this class is to learn American History through watching movies.
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Is a survey of the basic concepts of reporting and non-fiction writing. Students will encounter various article formats and work towards developing their voice using various writing styles. Students will publish articles in the school newsletter and for the school Facebook page.

Students will get a taste of the real world and learn what it takes to succeed once they are “on their own.” They will learn the basics of managing their own finances which includes planning, budgeting, finances, saving, investing, and servicing debt.

In this course students will gain skills in one or more of the following areas: page design, advanced publishing techniques, copy writing, editing and photography while producing a yearbook. Participants gain useful, real world skills in time management, marketing, teamwork, and design principles.

*LS signifies an activity is available in the Lower School – US Signifies an activity is available in the Upper School

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Before & After-School Care

We invite students to take advantage of our staff directed after-school program where students can complete homework, play games and enjoy an after-school snack daily. We offer a daily rate for before and after-school care and discounted package rates. You may use the days at your discretion and recharge as needed. Unused days do not roll over into the next scholastic year.

Before & After School Care

Lyndon Academy offers before and after-school solutions for busy parents. If you need assistance between the hours of 7:00A.M. and 5:30P.M., then we can help. At Lyndon, students are welcome to join us, have a small breakfast snack and prepare for their day ahead as early as 7:00A.M. Students are also welcome to stay after-school at Lyndon for after-school enrichment care until 5:30P.M.

Community Projects

Our goal is to create a community of learners that also understand the value of “paying it forward.” We have many connections throughout the community and opportunities for students to support local charities. Our students must meet community service requirements as part of our upper school curriculum.

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Clinics & Camps

Throughout the year, clinics and camps are offered in multiple disciplines. Students and parents have the opportunity to participate in coaching clinics, referee clinics, athletic camps and clinics, science camps, and music camps. Contact the front office for more details or email us at [email protected]. Stay tuned for opportunities to come.

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Dining & Transportation


Dining services are part of your all-inclusive tuition package at Lyndon Academy, and diet is extremely important for our students, and we encourage students to be open to a variety of foods.



Lyndon Academy currently provides regional transportation opportunities for students in John’s Creek, Alpharetta, Milton, Crabapple, and Hickory Flat.


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At Lyndon Academy we believe immersion is the best way to learn. And that holds true if you are considering joining the Lyndon Academy family. That is why we offer tours that allow you to see our students and faculty in action. We want you to immerse yourself in the Lyndon way so that you might get a small taste of the amazing experiences that happen within our walls.

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