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Building Future Leaders Through a Commitment to Excellence

The Future is our priority

Guiding Principles

Lyndon Academy is a Cognia accredited international, nonsectarian, college preparatory private school located in Cherokee County with an extraordinary teaching system that combines proven methods of learning from the most successful schools in the country. At Lyndon, The Future Is Our Priority … we strive to help each child build successful leadership qualities in a child-focused caring community of learners. They are our future, and they deserve every educational experience that we can provide.


lyndon academy language arts

Language Arts

At Lyndon, Language Arts is a wider spectrum. Unlike many other local schools, Lyndon Academy offers daily foreign language instruction in Mandarin starting in the first grade and Spanish starting in Junior Kindergarten.

lyndon academy sciences


Science is an essential part of our everyday life. It allows us to understand and advance the world around us. At Lyndon Academy we offer our students a hands-on approach to learning science beginning in our lower school and carrying throughout their time with us.

lyndon academy math


Whether learning the fundamentals of mathematics in the lower school or studying complex equations in our upper school, we teach our students how to utilize this essential tool throughout their lives.

lyndon academy history


History is taught beginning in Junior Kindergarten and continues through graduation. Not only is it an analysis of the past, we offer tools for them to cope with the future as global citizens.

lyndon academy arts


At Lyndon Academy we believe that the arts allow our students to see the world in new ways. Whether our students are exploring their world via Visual Arts, expanding their world through Preforming Arts, or losing themselves in the magic of Music, our aim is to increase their capacity to learn.

lyndon academy athletics


Athletics are an important part of a student’s life. They teach invaluable lessons related to individual disciplines, sportsmanship, and team building skills while teaching skills and rules that are necessary and apply to daily life.

lyndon academy student life

Student Life

School is more than just pencils and books at Lyndon Academy. It is about creating a community that fosters growth, leadership, and builds well-rounded citizens of the future.

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Facts & Achievements

96th percentile in the nation on the PSAT in grades 8 – 11

74% of students in 4th through 8th grade scored at the 95th percentile or better

2018 State Champions – Varsity Girls Cross Country

2019 Final 4 Team – Girls Varsity Basketball

Average Student-to-Teacher Ratio: 8:1

1:1 Computer to Student Ratio

100% of graduates are college bound

3 languages are studied daily in 1st through 5th grades.

100% of graduates receive a scholarship for college

“The kids LOVE their new teachers. Isaac is a pretty tough cookie to impress, so congratulations on your new staff.”

Lyndon Parent

“I just wanted to say thank you for the job that you all have done in responding to the virus. I’ve told numerous people since this summer how happy I am to be at Lyndon.”

Lyndon Parent

“Thank you for your vision and for your leadership on how to teach our kids in the middle of the war zone of 2020/21.”

Lyndon Parent

“[We] are both very happy with Lyndon’s playbook.”

Lyndon Parent

“Lyndon Academy is above and beyond the best school our children have ever attended. The amazing faculty and staff encourage, coach, praise and inspire students to be the very best they can be academically, while helping them become involved and active, tri-lingual business leaders of the future.”

Lyndon Parent

” In my observations of the classrooms, the teachers manage their rooms well, and there are very few distractions outside of the norm with little kids. The exposure in multiple disciplines is amazing. My kid has seven teachers … one for each subject and loves traveling to a different environment every forty minutes.”

Lyndon Parent

“The best option for private education in Cherokee County. Our son is in his second year at Lyndon and is doing great. He is engaged, challenged, and learning in a way that just doesn’t happen at public schools today. Most noticeably, he is genuinely happy to go to school.”

Lyndon Parent


In today’s world, your associates or allies say a great deal about who you are as an organization. Because of this fact, Lyndon Academy is pleased to be affiliated with a number of organizations at the state, national, and international level that require us to meet a level of established standards of excellence in the field of education.

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