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Lyndon Academy Beyond STEM

Developing the whole student is very important. Science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) are spread throughout the curriculum, and so are character development, art, health, business, and fabulous field experiences. We model, discipline, and reward behaviors every day to encourage students to be kind, good citizens, and good stewards of our planet. We teach personal finance and health in middle school. Students have opportunities in the arts throughout all grade levels and technology surrounds them. While we can’t possibly keep pace with the evolution of technology, we teach our students to evolve with technology. Our students travel for field trips regionally, up and down the eastern seaboard, and across the ocean for artistic, scientific, historical, and cultural experiences.

Lyndon Academy Tutoring

lyndon academy

What makes Lyndon different? Our teachers. Each teacher is excited about the subject they are teaching. They want each student to succeed. That is why students can ask for help or tutoring. We want each student to reach his or her highest potential. Tutoring is one way to give a struggling student some extra help. That is why tutoring is built into our tuition model at no additional cost. For those early risers, tutoring can start before school. However, most tutoring is conducted during the school day and after school. Students can arrange this directly with their teachers, and as-needed service will be provided at the teacher’s discretion.

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At Lyndon Academy we believe immersion is the best way to learn. And that holds true if you are considering joining the Lyndon Academy family. That is why we offer tours that allow you to see our students and faculty in action. We want you to immerse yourself in the Lyndon way so that you might get a small taste of the amazing experiences that happen within our walls.

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