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Lyndon Academy Upper School

Lyndon Academy’s high school helps prepare students for tomorrow’s economy. Students strive for academic excellence in languages, STEM and more, and they have a solid and distinguished academic foundation that sets them apart from other college applicants. Well-rounded, multilingual high school students with high college placement scores do not get passed over by admissions personnel. That is by design at Lyndon Academy. In the final years of a student’s secondary education, we continue to provide that individual attention in the classrooms and in college guidance, while continuing to allow our students to explore and build fantastic resumes.

Students that have been with us for five years or better, generally score within the top five percent in the country on their college entrance exams. We continue to encourage our students to explore everything that is available to them in classes, electives, sports, community service, and extra-curricular activities. In this small family like environment, students are allowed to take up to eight classes a day. Each student attends five or six core classes and then chooses electives. Electives can range from Java programming to international business. Additionally, we offer our students: AP classes, electives, honors classes, and dual enrollment opportunities. Combined with all of this, we provide amazing college advisement.

A college advisor meets with both the student and parent(s) starting in middle school to determine the path for each student to attend the college of their choice. At this small private school, you get more one-on-one support compared to regional guidance support where counselors have to assist more than five times the number of students than they do at Lyndon.

In addition to that individualized advisement, students get strength in curriculum. We find ways to provide more, drive further, and set the bar higher. Our teachers work tirelessly to provide the best textbooks and resources that are available to help educate our students. They put time into supporting students’ needs in tutoring, whether they take a class on campus, off campus or online. We embrace students who aspire to be teachers, engineers, computer scientists, doctors, lawyers, and all those who want to be great at something but don’t know what that is yet.

Lyndon Academy Graduation Requirements for Diplomas

Lyndon Academy takes great pride in educating students for a brighter future. In this college preparatory environment, we aim to provide students with a more robust transcript that provides broader opportunities into post-secondary institutions. In reviewing our graduation requirements, you may notice that we require more credits than the public institutions around us, but what you may not see is a decided difference in the required teaching hours that is comparable to the International Baccalaureate programs around the world. Core subject matter requires close to 150 hours of teaching time per course with an additional foreign language experience that exceeds 450 hours. More instructional time and courses available translates to greater knowledge, higher testing results, and a stellar transcript.

Graduation Requirements: To earn a diploma at Lyndon Academy, a student must successfully complete the following course load:

  • 4 years of English
  • 4 years of mathematics
  • 4 years of science
  • 3 years of history/social studies
  • 3 years of foreign language
  • 3 credit hours of electives
  • 1 credit hour of fine arts
  • 1 credit hour of physical education/health
  • 60 hours of community service

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At Lyndon Academy we believe immersion is the best way to learn. And that holds true if you are considering joining the Lyndon Academy family. That is why we offer tours that allow you to see our students and faculty in action. We want you to immerse yourself in the Lyndon way so that you might get a small taste of the amazing experiences that happen within our walls.

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